Selene González, second national award of the Cambridge “English Movie” contest.

The student at Colegio Arenas Atlántico Selene González, who has finished her studies of 2nd year of Bachillerato this academic year, has been awarded with the 2nd National Award of the Annual Contest “English Movie”, organized by Cambridge University Press for the students to reflect the concerns of their generation.    Congratulations! 

  “English Movie” is a short movie contest intended for students from 4th of ESO to 2nd of Bachillerato whose winners are chosen by the ECAM, the Film and Audiovisual School of Madrid. After being selected among the 10 finalists of the contest, the jury has presented her with the
second award together with the following review: “Selene González, the young actress and director, has been one of the biggest surprises of the contest for us. We like her video, especially its originality, ingenuity and simplicity; although in the end it turns out to be a bit obvious. But in this case we want to value the author and her personality rather than the short movie itself. She shows us great imagination, creativity, a clear sense for the mise en scène, the ability to direct and act simultaneously in her video and her chameleonic presence.”

The jury continues with its verdict and finishes by saying: “
the best part of the video (and the most original aspect) is the way she decides to introduce the characters, all played by herself. She has a great intuition to choose the film tools, its structure and its resources. We believe an all-round and imaginative person like her should also have the opportunity to study “film making” and develop her personal world and her creativity.”

For Selene, this award has been the icing on the cake to start her degree in Film and TV Production at the London Metropolitan University, where she will begin her studies next year. In this regard she has said: “Of
course, for me it has been quite a surprise to have won an award in this contest, which I entered by chance. Our English teacher encouraged us to make a video about our generation to improve our mark in his subject (in fact, I think he told us everything after deciding the marks). I do not really need that extra point, but I decided to record the video which was made no more and no less than a Friday evening at home where I put the camera on a tripod and I dressed up as different urban tribes. In short, it was a low budget home-made video made in a hurry which ended up being awarded.

The young author has also declared that “the best of all is that the award is a course in the ECAM, the Film School of Madrid, which is great because next year I am going to study the degree in Film and TV Production in London. It was a decision I made at the last minute this year, in the final stretch of 2nd of Bachillerato, because I am very indecisive. At the beginning of the year I wanted to be a doctor, then study Fine Arts and I have finally applied for a place in England to study Film. Fortunately, I have obtained that place.”

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