Bilingual Education


The Arenas Schools are proud of their pioneering status in applying the most ambitious and advanced paedogical system in the teaching of modern languages. Since the 1970s the schools have developed a bilingual system of education in which the students attend classes in both Spanish and English.

FrenchGerman  or Chinese are also taught ( depending on the school ) at the Primary School and onwards. The Modern Languages Department is made up of native teachers and qualified bilingual teachers and has developed its own methodology adapted to age and academic ability.

The students do not learn English but "in English", from the earliest age. The schools create a learning environment in which subjects are taught in English or Spanish, enabling pupils to develop the skills needed to follow the classes, make tasks and communicate with teachers and class mates in both working languages.


The Schools offer its students courses and stays in Sulis Manor, a residential Center located in the city of Bath, providing the ultimate tool to deepen the knowledge of English

Students receive active and participative training that develops the ability of expression written and spoken, backed by excellent results in the University entrance tests are also prepared in the face of official examinations of the University of Cambridge as the PET or First Certificate

 The Schols offer courses and stays to students in "Sulis Manor", own residential  Center placed in the city of Bath, UK.