Our Project

In our society highly tech, lost important emotional values for life. A proper music training helps balance this deficit, providing a significant contribution to the personality of the student. From the directive and the training of the integrated Music Centre team is aware of the importance of musical training as a way to the child and youth must experiment to achieve a free expression of their own.

The Center aims to make prevail the individual and development of the creative elements that are the basis of our pedagogical criteria and the principles of any interpretation. The instrumental technique should not be an end in itself, but it will have to serve at all times to musical expression.

The Professor of the C.I.M. develops an important work to awaken in students the active desire to interpret, ensuring the participation in Auditions and concerts throughout the year.

The students in their learning process develops his intellectual horizon, its aesthetic relationship with the life and works of the human spirit, expressed throughout the story through the works of art of the great composers.

Music studies carried out in the student also human values such as: creativity, spontaneity, patience, perseverance, attention, concentration, independence, tolerance and sensitivity. They therefore favour the development of capabilities required to achieve the proper self-control and self-esteem, providing greater satisfaction and appreciation in the life of the students