The integrated Centre of music Arenas-Albéniz, first Conservatoire private of the Canary Islands, located in the Sands School of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, is a spearhead in the implementation of the most advanced and prestigious musical training, thus allowing the further extension of its fruits to all centres Arenas and artistic and cultural life of the city.

The C.I.M. Arenas Albéniz is a private Conservatory with vocation of providing music education of excellence. The integrated Centre approved, providing the accredited courses of music, lessons basic and professional.

The C.I.M. offers students a personalized education; a music education project guided by artists, pedagogues of a high professional standard; attention care to each student according to their special needs; tutorial action close with the family.

The integrated Centre as well as being open to all students, students of the College provides the possibility of integrating musical studies with children, primary and secondary education in space and time




  • Lanzarote Recicla's new Spot
  • Colegio Arenas Internacional will have an indoor pavilion and a swimming pool
  • Selene González, second national award of the Cambridge “English Movie” contest.
  • Colegios Arenas among the 100 best in Spain