70th Anniversary


The Arenas Schools are celebrating the 70th Anniversary of its foundation and celebrated is carrying out a host of events and activities aimed at the school and local community, which are willing to share the schools heritage and their role in the Canary Islands.
Lucia Perez and Antonio Ojeda founded seven decades ago this project, being forerunners in approaching education as a holistic approach with the student at its centre. Their dedication and vocation was the source of a new educational concept in the Canaries. Later their, daughter Maria del Carmen Ojeda, aware of the importance of languages in modern education, achieved what decades afterwards would be almost a requirement: bilingualism. 
Since the relocation Arenas School to its current location in Siete Palmas (1976), the schools have witnessed 34 years in which the spirit that moved the founders, far from abandoned, has been exceeded each day. Proof of this is the firm commitment to extend its educational project to different corners of the islands: the south of Gran Canaria first, with the birth of Colegio Arenas Sur in 1992. Lanzarote, with the creation of the Colegio Arenas International in 1995 and in 2004 the opening of Colegio Arenas Atlantico. During this this period the Arenas Albéniz Music School was set up in 1995. Finally,  Sulis Manor  a centre opened in the English city of Bath was established in 1998 to develop programs and academic courses in England. 

Events held: 

  • "María del Carmen Ojeda Pérez"  Memorial Day
  • I Computer & Rock  Party
  • Opening of the  "Bernardo Rodríguez  Alonso" Pavilion of Arts and Sciences  
  • Opening of the Arenas School Auditorium