The schools are organised into Departments and are constantly ensuring that the whole educational process runs as smoothly as possible. This involves the preparation of frequent reports and a permanent assessment of pupil developments.

Assessment that motivates and involves encouragement, reward and parental involvement are keynotes of an assessment system which, from age 6, grades pupils twice a term for contribution, effort and application, and tests ability in the core subjects every term. As well as receiving written reports, parents are encouraged to talk to teachers at any time and are invited to special parents' evenings where progress can be discussed in detail and in privacy with those concerned.

The first steps are the most important. The Infants and Primary School have their own organisation and identity, their own Head, curriculum and activities programme. They also have their own premises , while enjoying the bonus of easy access to School facilities like the sports grounds, swimming pool and playing fields.

The senior staff lead the space-time organization and the curricular development. In the Secondary and High School the various Departments work on particular areas of knowledge to co-ordinate the delivery of the curriculum for each Year, taking care of the standards and didactic effectiveness.

The schools employ a Support Team of psychologists who work in collaboration with teachers and parents to assess the students development.